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Allocation & Performance Review

At Decker Wealth Management, we add value to our clients’ wealth management process by providing the technology to manage your entire portfolio. In our opinion, we offer a best-of-class solution in this regard – which is crucially important to our effort to provide intelligent advice on an ongoing basis. Each night, our system connects with our primary custodians – and any others you may specify – to download updated information regarding positions and transactions held in your various accounts.

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Financial Planning

Some clients appreciate the value of developing a financial plan and applying “what if” scenarios to test that plan under different assumptions. Our evaluation of available software led us to respect the product offered by eMoney, and our clients have complimentary access to this site. After we’ve set up your user ID and password, click here to access this site:


Account Access

Rather than directly holding assets at Decker Wealth Management LLC, we use established custodial firms to safeguard our clients’ assets. This enables our clients to benefit from the efficient handling of transactions while providing an intensified level of safety. Links to our two primary custodians (TD Ameritrade and Fidelity are provided here – by clicking these links you will leave the Decker Wealth Management, LLC website and be directed to the selected custodial firm’s website).

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